One might think that you start a blog with a manifesto, an explanation, a definition. But, seeing that locavore was the word of the year in 2007, it is old news as far as what I am writing about. However, now that the idea of locavore has hit its tipping point, I believe I have much to add to the conversation now that even more like-minded, conscientious people are taking on the cause. And while I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle like most of you have, and longed to find my own asparagus patch or forage for mushrooms, it is downright HARD to feed yourself from your own soil whilst living in a city. So I have, for a few years, been doing the best that I can. No rules about mileage or cheat items, except be good to the world, and be true to myself. Funny enough, I have found that I am getting even more discerning about what I buy and – of even more interest in my opinion – what I ingest. Don’t get me wrong: I love my olive oil and my airplane travel and my coffee and my cute outfits as much as the next person. I am just starting to love the future of our world a little bit more. As “the least hippy hippy” my ex-hippy husband have ever met, I am trying to find a balance I can live with, and more importantly my future children can live with.

Thus it is only fitting that I begin my chronicle with the first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) of the season. I have been anxiously awaiting this day,even though I know my favorite – tomatoes – are still a month or more away. Alas. Today begins the half of the year I love the most: eating almost exclusively locally with the freshest produce you can get if your backyard consists of a small patch of asphalt and astroturf (as mine did until quite recently.)

It’s year four as a member of this CSA and I have ceased hoping for too much color in week one. Instead I’m ready for salads – 2 heads of lettuce (I chose Boston and red leaf), a bag of spinach, bag of mesclun greens, bunches of turnips, beets, green garlic, cilantro (smells so spicy!), kale, and a small head of broccoli. Tonight I have long-standing plans, but tomorrow there will be the freshest meal I will have had in six months (well almost, but more on that later).

Welcome all, to the life of a locavore in the city.


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