Locavore On The Road: Buffalo, NY

I’ve been on the road for a bit more than a week and, lacking a PDA, had to wait until I returned to send my findings. We had a family wedding in Buffalo, and my husband, a musician, decided to use our westward proximity to do some business in Nashville and Asheville. Thus I have a few “Locavore on the Road” segments as I did my own tour of farmer’s markets (and one ice cream shop). 

First (and fifth) stop on our trip: Buffalo, NY. Close to my hometown, my cousin lives in the heart of the Elmwood area. People give Buffalo a bad rap – and some neighborhoods deserve it. But there is so much local pride in art, architecture, and yes food, that I find Buffalo vibrant and beautiful. This was definitely reinforces during our stay with my cousin. After serving us her own version of huevos rancheros with ingredients straight from her food Co-Op we walked the two blocks to the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmer’s Market.

Set in a small park adjacent to the main drag of shops, restaurants, bakeries, and galleries, this large open-air market was filled with everythink you needed to make your own locavore meal. Unfortunately we were driving and still a few days from a kitchen so local meat and most of the fruit and veggies were in the look-but-don’t-buy category. But I was certainly envious of the rainbow of chard, alongside other fresh green, onions, turnips, lettuce, and even some early season squash. Cherries and strawberries are in season there now – Western NY’s “zone” is colder than mine on the coast, and it was great to sample a few last freshies since our strawberries are long gone.

I did make a few purchases however: a stick of spicy sausage from Avenue Boys (so good with my Ohio-made Amish cheddar a few days later) and yogurt from White Cow Dairy. The latter’s offerings include seasonal yogurt (I’ve had citrus during previous visits, and that day’s choice was rhubarb – perfectly thick, stringy, tart and sweet), custards, and yogurt-based savory sauces. They are all packaged in perfect-sized jars and are absolutely crave-able. I asked about where I might find them oustide of Buffalo – or even within city limits aside from the market. I was informed (on the sly) that they sell their wares in a few spots in NYC, but otherwise it’s Buffalo or the farm.

Love the Bidwell-Elmwood Market! Can’t wait for the next visit with the cousin to put these ingredients together for a seasonal feast.


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