So I took a two day mini-vaca to York, ME earlier this week and was able to enjoy a nice splurge of lobster. They are so cheap at local seafood spots – as low as $4 – so one could afford to be adventurous. But really, there’s nothing better than boiled lobster dipped in melted local butter. The man and I went to a great place in Kittery, ME where you can pick out your own lobster and bring your own wine and sides to accompany it while you sit on the deck off a quiet ocean inlet. I brought along cold steamed green bean salad (beans from the farm share this past week). I steamed them for maybe 3 minutes and doused them in ice water, then finished with a drizzle of good olive oil and toasted sunflower seeds. Dessert was sliced local peaches and figs drizzled with local honey. As fresh as the sides were, however, the lobster stole the show.


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