Local Beef Bourguignon from Homemade Wine

My mom and step dad visited this past weekend from upstate New York and brought a wonderful local treat: homemade wine. Thus I had to use some to create a thank you meal for their 500 mile trek.

My step-dad (and my dad too) make numerous varietals of wine from local fruits grown in the grape belt of western New York. Concord and Niagara are popular varietals, but many others are available. In fact, Western NY is the second biggest grape growing region in the country (behind Napa in Cali). Of course many of the grapes end up in juice rather than wine, which gives a hint as to the bold, somewhat sweet flavor of a dry Concord red or a crisp white Niagara. Regardless, they are good table wines and great for cooking as well. This dish had to marinate in wine overnight in one of my last homemade bottles, so good thing I was getting two cases to replenish my stash the next day. Doesn’t get much more local than grapes grown in the front yard and wine pressed by hand in the basement. Here’s a good and easy dish to honor that hard work.

Beef Bourguignon

Marinate the following overnight: 2 pounds of local meat cut into large cubes (I used flank steak from Chestnut Farms) and diced carrots (garden), onions (farmer’s market) and peppers (farm share) with a dozen peppercorns, a few smashed cloves of garlic and 2 bay leaves in a bowl covered with a bottle of dry red wine. (The original recipe calls for pinot noir, but I used a dry local.)

The next day: Brown the meat in olive oil in a large sauce pan, reserve all of the rest of the veggies and marinade, minus the bay and peppercorns. Once browned add the veggies and marinade and a tablespoon of good, spicy mustard. Let simmer on the stove top for 2 hours. (cover or not, depending on the desired thickness of the sauce)

Serve over rice or locally made pasta (I used black pepper peppardelle from Capone’s) with another bottle of red.


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