Garlic for Spring and the Garden’s Last Harvest

The weather was so wacky this year that I almost missed planting my garlic for the spring. We had weather that reached the 60s into late November, so I was unprepared for a complete freeze the following week (although I should have known!). Luckily we had 72 completely above freezing and were able to plant about 20 cloves of garlic before everything froze again – this time for good.

I had done some research and planting garlic was insanely easy. Buy a head or two of garlic, separate the cloves and plant them six inches apart and two inches deep as late as you can before, well, you can’t anymore because the ground freezes. If all goes well I’ll have my own garlic scapes in the spring!

Also, when planting the garlic we (and by we I mean my husband, armed with my detailed directions, since I had no daylight hours when I wasn’t working) pulled the last of the carrots, leeks and scallions. I admittedly planted the  leeks and the second harvest of carrots too late – none were very big. But, live and learn for next season. I still harvested enough of each to throw into a stew or soup – and I plan to keep them dirty and stored in my cool root cellar until ready to wash and use. Stored like this they should last 4 – 6 weeks. I can’t believe it is (almost) the new year and I am still eating (mostly) local!


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