Slow Winter – But Still Local!

So I have been cooking as local as possible these last two months, but it is hard in the northeast in the winter. My efforts were greatly helped by my root cellar and the local Sherman Market in December and then augmented by my deep winter farm share that started in January. Every two weeks I pick up a good score of root veggies, some greens, apples, eggs and local products.

The first pick-up featured the following:

lettuce, turnips, apple cider, jarred sauerkraut, jarred salsa, sweet potatoes, eggs, onions, carrots (these were especially gorgeous) and a few other goodies that are escaping me at the moment.

The next bounty included: lettuce, spinach, white and red-skinned potatoes, kale, apples, jarred blueberry sauce, cilantro, kohlrabi, local cheese and perhaps one or two other items that I am forgetting…. it was like, well, late fall all over again!

These ingredients paired nicely with my Chestnut Farms meats (including lamb, goat, pork, chicken and beef) in the slow cooker for the tenderest chops and stews, or marinated and seared on a grill pan to accompany roast veggies and a salad. In all, I’m pretty proud of my local efforts in the deepest of dark winter.


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