A Local Inspiration

So I like to cook. And I cook. A lot. But woman cannot live by her own recipes alone. And it was sunny today and I was getting cabin fever. So I took my laptop to the local Sherman Cafe (the sister restaurant to the Sherman Market, where I do the bulk of my non-farm share shopping). They were out of the carrot ginger soup, so I went for egg salad over greens. While I was waiting for my lunch I overheard another customer ask if tomato came on the sandwiches.

“No,” the owner/ counter gal replied. “It’s not in season.”

Sure there are ingredients on the menu that aren’t local – see the ginger in the soup, above, the pineapple in the fruit salad, the avocado in their smoked turkey sandwich. But yet almost everything else is – the beets, cheese, spinach, greens, carrots, eggs, onion, yogurt. I am inspired when I come here to see all of the delicious things a (mostly) local eater can indulge in and feel good about.

And if that wasn’t enough, I overheard the same owner/counter gal interview a prospective employee once the lunch rush died down. Upon studying the interviewee’s resume she said, “I like that you have canning experience. We make everything here except for the bagels.” So maybe that avocado isn’t local, but the salsa is.


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