Root Cellar Update and the Lastest Deep Winter Offerings

It’s official (and I start to think about this coming season – yea for spring!): our 1/2 bushel each of red onions, butternut squash and sweet potatoes has lasted us until this past week. There was about a squash and a half that ended up rotting (and we have 1 and a half in the fridge that needs to be made into soup tout suite), a few onions that went bad here and there, and a few small shriveled potatoes at the bottom of our bushel boxes but in general everything kept well and lasted as long (or longer) that we anticipated. I think I’ll expand our cellar next fall with celariac, apples (these must be stored wrapped in news paper or otherwise not touching each other), and maybe a few other items, especially since I felt the boredom with orange veggies setting in by mid-January. Overall, I am pleased with this few season’s root cellar experiment.

This past Friday we also got our deep winter farm share with carrots (can I say that wow – these are better than those harvested in summer or fall!), celeriac, braising mix, salad mix (these last two are the same, save for the salad mix has lettuce), lettuce, turnips, onions and a choice of jarred goodies (I chose pickled beets), a “bear” of honey, goat cheese with dill and a dozen eggs. I’ll probably roast some root veggies and serve with brined pork chops from our meat share this week for dinner, throwing leftovers on a salad for lunch.


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