Winter Potatoes

Perhaps I should have dug these out a bit sooner…. I can’t say that I was waiting for anything in particular. But the holiday season was upon me and then the next thing I knew mother nature dumped a foot or so of snow atop my urban potato patch. But I was inspired by that old adage that one should ring in the new year doing something representative of one’s hopes for the next 365 days. Thus, what would be more symbolic – and delicious – than digging in the dirt to see if I did, indeed, grow sustenance in my urban oasis that could be plucked from the earth in the depths of winter. I created a video of my potato patch adventure, and the end result (spoiler!) is that my leaf cover did, in fact, work as did my potato-growing experiment in a shady raised bed in the back of my very small and mostly paved back yard.

The end result was a small pile of potatoes which later joined some turnips and rutabegas from our Red Fire Farm winter share that were steamed and then mashed with butter and a drizzle of truffle oil. Homegrown, local farms and a bit of decadence: that pretty much spells out what I hope 2011 will bring. Happy New Year!

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