SMALL BATCH is almost here!

SmallBatch1b (1)

I’ve been quiet here as I have been pushing my upcoming book SMALL BATCH: Pickles, Cheese, Chocolate, Spirits and the Return of Artisanal Food which is publishing next week! SMALL BATCH looks at the cultural history of artisanal food and details the current landscape through interviews with more than 50 artisans from around the country. The handmade, small batch food industry is still growing at an impressive rate, and this book is the first to use broad-based research to draw conclusions about this movement.

There’s a lot happening in the next month in support of SMALL BATCH including:

– 4 city tour: New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, & Buffalo

– NPR and Heritage Radio promotion

– Print and online review and features

Check back here for links to press, event news, and a book giveaway! And if you are interested in ordering this book in advance, you may do so through any of the following links:


Barnes & Noble


Rowman & Littlefield (for a 30% discount use promotion code 4F14COPE at checkout– this promotion is valid until August 15, 2015 This offer cannot be combined with any other promo or discount offers.)


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